Balance versus focus

The Balance Myth

Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants — it’s called balance! Unknown

Monday morning!

The perfect time to live the fantasy of balance.

This is the time of the week where I make the promise that I know that I wont keep.

This is the week that everything is going to be in perfect balance!

Like most working mum’s, Monday is the morning where I promise that I will get to the gym 3.5 times this week, the house will be perfectly organised, there will be amazing food every night (nutritious healthy stuff) and I will pull of the most amazing strategy at work.  All systems go.

The Balance Myth

I think you know the answer.  IT NEVER HAPPENS.  Life happens.

So perhaps instead of us looking for the mythical world balance (and the promise we were made in our 20’s – that we could have it all) that maybe just maybe we simply promise ourselves the gift of focus.


Beautiful, in the moment, simple focus.


Focus that keeps us grateful for the people around us; the work we do and just simple pleasure in our morning walk.


By choosing focus, over balance, we activate choice.


A choice that ensures that we own our stuff and choose what we want to work on in that moment.

Attention to choice, and focus, my friends, will get us across the line far quicker than the mythical legend of balance.

Keep it real this week, sista’s and focus.  Focus. Be present. And, enjoy.




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