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Own your own shit

Kicking off this blog journey would not be complete without an insight, and story, that perfectly describes my belief system.

Years ago, a great mate of mine, Sandy (bless her) sat me down on a stool in the Saloon Bar of our local for a chat.  She knew that something was eating me up bad about a work issue.

I took the opportunity to have a good old girl to girl whinge about this ‘woman’ that was making my life hell on a consulting job.  I unleashed the greatest story of all time about the injustice of her behaviour.

Australia Tailem Bend Kerry Swan
Our infamous Main Street pub. Plenty of wisdom has been dispensed here over the years.

Into our second wine, Sandy sticks in the knife.  ‘Kezza‘ she says ‘why is this chick so far up your arse?’.

Pause. Wait what?  Didn’t you just hear my war story?

Yes, of course, but what is going on for you that has allowed her to get so far under your skin‘.

Now. I was waiting for the lynch mob and the kinda support a girl can count on from her besties.


The kind of advice that makes you OWN YOUR OWN SHIT.

Ouch.  And, there it is my friends.  The philosophy that has shaped my core.

I am forever in debt to my best mate. Sandy V.

Our interactions with the world are not shaped by THEM, but rather by US.

Because when Sandy and I unpacked what was really going on.

It was at my feet.  Not hers.


Sandy V Tailem Bend Australia
Vale Sandy V. 1973 – 2016


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  1. I absolutely love this!
    But most importantly the fact u can take on the warmth of the hard truth rather then seeing it as cold hearted truth 🙌

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