Kerry Swan. Do work that matters

Work that matters for people who care

I am counting down the sleep’s until Seth Godin’s book ‘Work that matters for people who care’ hits the shops.

In fact, today, I pre-ordered a copy so that as soon as it arrives; it’s mine.

And, then I am going to stay up all night reading it.


Just because the title so beautifully sums up what I am trying to do; and what I think you might just be trying to do.

This whole ride has just got to have meaning beyond the paycheck, the numbers and the stats?

For such a long time, I have identified myself as being in the ‘consulting business’ or the ‘property business’, but really thanks to some deep thinking and sleepless nights, I have decided that it is really about making a difference.

It’s not about the money.  The money doesn’t get me out of bed.

Rather it’s the chance to change things.  For the better.  And, to create things.  For the better.

So just imagine, for a second, how life might be if we consciously got the choice to not only change things, but to change them with people who we like.  Those that care.

Because, simply, we do.

We get a concious choice everyday to do work that matters

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