All the difference in 5 years

The difference that 5 years make…

Now on this day, five years ago, my life was sooooo very different.

I was a single Mum. Working in corporate training and development.  Living in a different space. Earning decent dough.

But the interesting thing is that, as I am not known for my patience, I am today just amazed at how much things can change in 5 short years.

You know all the rhethoric that goes with life and goal setting.  Stuff like.

Just be patient and things will change.

Well it turns out, it was true.  A series of good decisions changed my world.

Fast forward five years.  Here I am.  And, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is different.

5 years makes all the difference
This guy cuts the mustard!
5 years ago EXACTLY today. We both took a huge chance on a possibility.

So when I look back over my shoulder, life is incredibly different. It now includes new love, new work, new business, new community, new family. But, let’s be honest.

None of this has come easy.  It is the result of consistently choosing to make decisions that were not necessarily easy, but important. Decisions that required effort and patience.

So here I am.

Living proof that if you choose it; life can be hugely different.

Or more of the same.

Your choice.


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