Stick to your guns

Interesting concept this thing called small business.  That rush of excitement when I decided to give it a go, quickly faded to seriously hard bloody work.

But the lessons along the way have been wide and deep.

Kinda like deep shit. But lessons nonetheless.

When I was in start up mode (and we are still there), everything and I mean EVERYTHING sat with me.  Which is kinda overwhelming and lonely.

But here’s the thing.  With the lesson comes the growth.  Personal growth that is.

And, this week I am reminded of just how important it is to back myself in, no matter how lonely that decision is.

You see with growth comes exposure.

Stick your head up and get it knocked kinda exposure.

And, usually this exposure, for me, comes in the form of honest advice to a client.

So let me tell you friends, the most liberating thing that any of us can do, is simply ‘stick to our guns‘.

Meaning that honest direct advice may cost us in the short term, but I guarantee that in the long term, when it matters, it is the only way that we should choose to play this game called life.

And no matter, how big or small that particular client is. Integrity wins every time.

So stick to your guns team, no matter what Goliath has to say.

Stick to your guns


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