Fear of being unseen Kerry Swan

The fear of being unseen

Interesting thing this property gig.  At the start, it looks like it is all about developing, marketing and selling the asset.  The house. The block.  The land.

Not so.  Pretty quickly I have learnt that property is much much bigger than that.  It is about people.  People who are living, experiencing and making change.  A divorce. Retirement. Downsizing. Upsizing. Integration. Forced. Choice.

Now this is entirely different concept.  Being in the business of supporting others through change.

Because underneath the business or property decision is something much more complicated.

The fear of being unseen.

fear of being unseen kerry swan

Hang on, isn’t this property gig about buyers, offers, contracts, price, marketing?

Nope. Property is about life changing decisions.

And, quite simply life changing decisions expose us. They expose our fears, insecurities and worries for the future.

Take the beautiful couple that I worked with earlier this week.  A fresh minted new romance.  About to buy a new home. Together.

And, at the pointy end, the decision point, it wasn’t actually a decision about bedrooms or kitchen tops, but about ‘us‘ versus ‘his and hers‘.

Meaning, that this was a decision to create something together rather than maintaining ‘my stuff‘ and ‘your stuff‘.  A change in the story from mine to ours.


Dig a little bit and you will expose a new story, and with that comes the core questions ‘do I matter‘, ‘where do I fit now‘ and are ‘my needs getting met‘.

The fears that we all have.

The fear of being unseen.

Fear of being unseen
The fear that we all have

So imagine, just for a minute, how much different change might feel if we walked that road with someone that truly can see us, in all of our complexity.

Walking alongside you when you face this fear, this change, and these big decisions, is indeed, for me, an honor and a privilege.

facing change

Breathe. I see you.


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