We are all right

And, yes you are right

Truly, I am in love with Seth Godin’s new book ‘This is marketing’, which really has so little to do with marketing and more to do with changing the world.

And, the concept that has entranced me this week is simply this:

We are all right

Right in our perspective of the world.

Meaning that our beliefs, values and experiences drive our own decision making processes.  That is, we all make the decision that is right for us, based on what we know; what is important to us; and what we are trying to protect.

Things like: status, family, ego and outcomes.

So if we agree that we are all right, what hope do we have as leaders of change?

Now this is the question worth pondering.

As leaders of change, our job here is to consider how do we enrol people in change?

Simply put, we can’t change everyone. So we need to find our tribe, the believers, and work with them.

For we will never change them all, everyone, but rather we can affect change with our tribe, our kindred spirits.

So, let’s find our tribe, love them hard and lead change.

And, let’s also accept that, for the others, that they are also entitled to their own truths.



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