Post it note parenting


Being a Project Manager by trade, it is no surprise that my kids have grown up with a healthy dose of respect for the humble post-it-note.

More importantly, they learnt early on that to get my attention that a post-it-note and a texta could stop me in my tracks.

And, while I would like to make this post all about the benefits of project management, flow charts and Gantt charts, it’s really about something much deeper.

The case for healthy neglect

You see me and my mates from the 80’s grew up with a world view that told us we could ‘have it all’.  Motherhood. Career. Health. Wellbeing. Sex. Relationships.

Somewhere along the way we worked out that we were just simply juggling everything and not doing anything real well, but that’s for another day….

One of the things that I am most proud of when I think about me and my gang, is our ‘fend for yourself’ model of care.

Yes, we love our offspring very much but there is nothing wrong with these small people learning how to operate a washing machine, stack a dishwasher or even pack a lunch box.

Luke and Charli – Survivors of Parenting by Neglect

Ask Charli and Luke and they will tell you, wistfully, that ‘Mum hasn’t packed my lunch box since that one time in kindy’.

But, the upside of a laissez faire approach to parenting the small stuff is that I now have the privilege to know two young people (with a third in the making) that are complete self starters, organisers and the most resilient troopers that you would love to have on your team.



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