The view from the backseat

Coming off the tail end of our summer silly season (holiday rentals, sales, Christmas and School Holidays); it is really easy to find fault with all the things that haven’t been done, have slipped or have simply been forgotten.

Even easier, is being able to find out who is to blame.  Who didn’t get the job done and why.

But here is the thing.

As soon as we hand over the steering wheel to the ‘others’ we give up our own power to set our direction and drive our own fate.

Or as Bob Dylan put it remarkably well…

Back seat drivers don’t know the feel of the wheel but they sho’ know how to make a fuss

The real question for Monday is this.

Are you in the front seat, setting your direction and owning the road?

Or are you in the back seat making a fuss?

Observing the misdemeanour of the ‘others‘ does not make you a better driver.

Drive on sunshine.


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