Setting our standards

Great dinner table conversation last night with the teenagers about the concept of standards.

In their social media fueled world, and in their own words, its really easy to get caught up in the how something looks, rather than how something feels.

Their war stories, from the trenches, gave us an insight into how it’s a short online jump to vanity based decision making.

Personal decisions that we are all faced with: life, relationships, identity and what we tolerate or accept.

And, in the most breathtaking, incredible, light bulb moment for our young ladies – the notion of standards bubbled up at the table.

‘This poor behaviour is happening, because it has been allowed and tolerated’

Or more importantly, the girls identified that the standard of behaviour, has been set pretty low.

And, with this awareness, it was a short stroll for us all to ponder the alternative.

An alternative that looks a feels more like values based decision making.

A big concept, but simple in it’s delivery.

If I don’t like how it feels, then I shall need to raise my standards and set the bar for entry higher.

So girls, let’s get clear about our standards and align our decisions accordingly.

Both online and in real time.



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