An excuse won’t save you

Moving into the world of real estate has been life changing.

From a very safe, but strategic, existence as a freelance Consultant, the bump into humanity, people and decisions has been huge.

In my previous life, from the relative safety of Boardrooms across Australia, I thought that I had people sorted, knew how to negotiate and could lead an army over the cliff.


Real estate is where it gets down and dirty.  Those passive aggressive white collar management types that I worked with as a consultant are nothing compared to an investor with his arse against the wall or an elderly homeowner who needs to sell the family home to fund long term care for his wife.

And, how simply exciting is that!

Me and my team work with people who are making life changing decisions.  Every day. This means that our collective creative, communication and compassionate skill sets must grow accordingly.

And, this is where the cold hard reality clicks in.  The enormity of it all.

To be simply a nice person, that works hard, simply won’t cut it when things go wrong.  And, they will. And, they do.  But, most importantly.

An excuse wont save you.

An excuse like.  I called, but they didn’t respondI sent them an emailThey just don’t want to buy or sell or answer.  

When you are working with life changing moments, for people that matter,  an excuse just wont cut it.

Better that we learn how to lift our own game, so that we may serve those that trust us.  But how?

One of my simple, life saving hacks.

The power of, And?

Consider this.

I called, but they didn’t respond. And?

I sent them an email.  And?

They just don’t want to. And?

The power of And?

The power of, And? simply circumvents the excuse making and puts the responsibility back where it needs to be.

At our feet.


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