The stuff between your ears

Working in real estate is a great opportunity to see how our perceptions impact our results EACH and EVERY day.

It plays out, just about every time, that what we think will happen, generally does.

Take the difficult home owner. If we walk into a meeting, with the view that she is going to be difficult and not sell at THAT price. Guess what. Likely that she will be difficult.

But, if we walk into the same meeting, with a more curious approach, we are way more likely to find a better outcome. Maybe not the sale. But some way to help and support the home owner.

And the really interesting thing that I have found is just how reactive we all are to the ‘market‘.

Our 24 hour media cycle and social media consumption feeds our belief system with so much information, both real and perceived, that we are quick to regurgitate the populist opinion, whether we have any evidence or not.

The ‘market’ is between our ears

If we just take a step back from the emotionally charged imagery, quotes and talking heads, that swim around in our digital world, we might just ask ourselves ‘is this real?’.

So before we write off the difficult vendor or the market as being flat, let’s consider for a minute, just what is the truth of our own reality.

And, that could just be that ‘the market is between our ears‘.

Or simply, what we think, we believe and that becomes our reality.

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