Fear driven decisions

Recently, I had the privilege of working with a client who was faced with a life changing decision. It was a sliding doors kinda moment.

It was a say ‘yes’ to this offer and open the door to freedom, choice and a new story, kinda situation. Or it was a ‘no’ to the offer and stay stuck, doing the same thing over and over hoping something might change.

The story whizzing around in my client’s head was that the human behind the offer was ‘out to get him‘ and punish him, rather than release him.

Why are they treating me like this?’ and ‘Why are they out to get me?’ he complained.

Backwards. Forwards. Stuck in the story that they were out to destroy.

Eventually, I simply had to ask and do a reality check with ‘are we actually talking about the same person?’

No. And, there it was. The light bulb moment. It wasn’t who my client thought it was. It was someone completely different.

And, this became the game changing moment. It wasn’t them. It was someone else. It changed everything. Perspective. Decision making. Equilibrium.

Because my client had so convinced himself that he was giving his power away to them;he was fully caught up in a fear based decision.

Once we dealt with the facts, the person and then the opportunity, we could move forward and put his fears to one side.

For both of us, there was the moment on the other side of the storm, where we both knew that all of that stuff in his head, and gut, had nearly and completely derailed his freedom to choose.

He had given away his power to choose, because he was caught up in his fear based decision and his own story.

A decision that would ultimately change everything for my client. Life. Love. Home. Career. Future. Everything. All very nearly lost because of a fear based decision and a story that was rattling in his own head.

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