What is the reward for solving problems?

How does your ideal perfect start to the week look like?

Does it look something like my fantasy Monday? On a Monday, I go to gym, early, do a killer work out and then return home to wake up the teenagers. The teenagers then prepare nutritional breakfasts for themselves and attend to their chores without complaint and/or asking.

After dropping teenagers off to school with all of their required gear, homework done and a healthy lunchbox, I then roll onto work.

Arriving at work a latte is waiting for me together with my team who are all up to date on their tasks and are attacking the world with vigor. There are no concerns from customers and my bank account has miraculously filled over the weekend because of my purpose drive contribution to the world.

Ha! Or is your Monday more like my reality TV version. A hats off, tits out kinda day where I lurch towards some sort of dream that I have it all together.

See the thing is. We are sold on the idea that life was meant to be easy.

And, that if we are just organised enough; we wont have any problems. In fact, if we are just enough, everything will be ok.

Pretty enough. Smart enough. Fast enough. Organised enough.

But, here is the paradox. Our real growth comes from solving problems.

Life isn’t about living without problems. Life is about solving problems.

I am sure that you will, as I have, reflect that our greatest personal growth has come from the toughest times. And, the things that we are most proud of are when we have sorted some shit out.

Hard messy, difficult stuff. Stuff that asked us to grow as person. Build new skills. Be vulnerable and be wrong until we got it.

So here is another way of looking at our imperfect Monday’s. Perhaps Monday, and every other day, is simply an opportunity to perfect our craft, and solve problems.

A smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor

Because here is the real killer. What do we get as a reward for solving problems? More problems.

Again, the paradox of growth is that when we master problem solving at level one, we get to graduate to level two and solve some more.

So let’s, together, work this game of life out and see if we can find ways to hack this by leaning into problem solving as an opportunity for growth.

Want to tackle problem’s head on and live life on your terms??

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