The importance of you

Today’s inspo comes from our good friends over at Raptchau Hair & Beauty, a team of superstars who are dedicated to helping us feel better.

Now Linda is a self-made woman who is in trusted position to many. She hears our fears, weaknesses and hopes and dreams; even on the days when we don’t say them out loud.

So it comes as no surprise, that she gets just how much we juggle and prioritise EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, including the INTERNET above ourselves.

Now the self care industry, as a whole, can get a bad rap. They prey on our insecurities and vanities with false promises. Promises that a new colour or a new set of nails will makes us feel better, or at the very least it will provide us with a momentary numbing affect.

Numbing of our anxiety. Anxiety about ourselves. Anxiety about work, family and relationships. Numbing with whatever poison we choose. Beauty treatments. Alcohol. Sex. Bad relationships. Drugs. Gossip. Food. TV.

But in fact, this is not the self care that we truly need.

Because, the team over at Raptchau are onto something bigger. They understand that the self care we truly need; is the type that we administer ourselves.

For what they know. And, so do we. If we are truly honest. That, if we just breathe, once in a while, and look after ourselves; then the whole shooting match get’s easier.

You know the type of breathing that the airlines promote. Put your oxygen mask on first type of breathing.

Because this type of breathing is the truly important type. The type that makes us slow down and question ourselves. The internet can wait type of breathing.

So this week, take some time for some self care. By all means, take a walk, have a massage, treat yourself to a facial.

But do the breathing, not the numbing.

Because in the pause. Everything happens.

Clarity, motivations and insecurities are identified when we take the pause. When we face the truth, with out our preferred numbing technique, we open ourselves up to something bigger.

Take the time, this week, to focus on the importance of you.

For, if you do it right, it won’t be easy; but it will be worth it.

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