When you are finally sick of your own shit

As a former single mum and small business owner, I have my own list of bad habits. Life long bad habits.

Habits that many of us, Mum’s especially, know. Putting ourselves last. Making things right for others. Tripping around on not enough sleep. Not making our health and fitness a priority.

These days, life has changed, but these old habits continue to follow me around. And, not exercising regularly, or consistently, is simply one of my life long bad habits.

Earlier this week, I was challenged about my ongoing lack of action on my health. Once again, I told my war story about how I am just too busy for exercise.

You want an excuse, I have got one. I am too busy. I have deadlines. Customers. Kids. I have a pretty list of jobs that justify why I can’t commit.

In a conversation with a mate, I had to fess up that I still had not made my health a priority; no matter how much I talk about it. Intellectualise it, justify it or plan it.

We had a nice conversational diversion about the difference between motivation (I want it) discipline (I do it) and self discipline (I do it for me), but once again, it was an intellectual conversation.

The gamechanger, in the end, was actually very simple.

When you finally get tired of your own shit; you will do something about it.

Said, with love, this direct piece of advice was the gamechanger. Because the truth of it is that I was not yet prepared to do the work to make the change.

So often we resist change because we are not yet prepared to do the hard work necessary to make things happen. Our excuses are much more comfortable than the effort required.

So guess what happens. Nothing.

And, this week. It finally happened. I am sick of my own shit. Sick of the stories. Sick of the excuses. And, sick of the hypocrisy.

Imagine. A Project Manager, leader and planner not being able to own her own shit or get the stuff done that needs to be done.

So watch this space. Health is a priority. A priority that has been carved out of the busyness and excuses. Standards have been set.

So, if you, like me, are finally fed up with your own shit; and want to do something about it, come and have a chat.

No obligations. No pressure. No sale. Just a chat to work out the how, the what, the when of the change that you need to make.

It might be about Property. People. Life. Business. It’s simply a Life Health Check.

One hour to hold yourself accountable. Accountable for your own shit.

So flick me a line below and let’s chat.

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