7 simple ways to change your life

We are all conditioned to focus on ‘what‘ we need to do. We look at our never ending, daily, task list and this pushes our competition and stress buttons.

If we simply started with the ‘why‘ and got focused on creating the best version of OURSELVES every day, then we might just find ourselves with an abundance of opportunity and have the energy to actively seek out connection with others.

In this book, I share with you my top seven go to strategies for when life is tough. It is not rocket science, just wisdom earnt the hard way.

Lessons learnt through life and all of it’s glorious mess.

Small Things. Big Results.

If you have been struggling, for a long time, or are just feeling depleted and focused on how ‘unfair‘ life is; then this is the book for you.

7 Simple ways to change your life is a small collection of the things that you can do to create big results.

If you want to be challenged or want to find a better way, this simple read will provide you with ideas to bounce off and it also has simple wisdom from a range of masters!

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