Life is precious, invest wisely

So, here is the thing.  In the last 10 years, I have lost an Aunt and an Uncle to suicide.  With all the love and care in the world, these precious souls found it just too tough.

I have also buried my best mate, thanks to Ovarian Cancer and my love has buried his first and only thanks to Adrenal Cancer.

Other precious family members and friends have come and gone.  Nothing is permanent.

I also have the T-Shirt for the Separation, Divorce and Rebuilding Club in my collection.

More recently, I have faced my mortality with a series of health scares including loss of cognitive function (for fuck sake I couldn’t actually use my brain) and irritating complications with my boobs continue to remind me that looking after myself is a priority.

So, excuse me universe if I don’t take some of your shit too seriously.

And, especially, this stuff that I see around me where women (and men) feel the need to tear each other apart for the sake of scoring some cheap shots.

It is always ‘them’ that are not doing the right thing.  Not us.

We are all guilty of judging our own intentions as good and THEIR actions as wrong.

We are all guilty of judging our own intentions as good


THEIR actions as wrong.

Here is the cold hard reality.

Each and every one of us has already won the FREAKING LOTTERY.

We have our health (mostly) our families (mostly) and the opportunity EVERY DAY to choose how we invest our energy.

How precious.  To choose every day how we invest our energy.

For me, I am choosing to create something magical to honour those that couldn’t.

My challenge to you, is simple.

How are you going to invest your winning ticket?



If you are keen for change, but don’t know where to start, I am always up for a chat.

Living your best life starts the day you make a choice to take the scary, creative, and audacious road.

I have spent a lifetime making choices that take me down the scary road.  It has been bumpy, scary and the best thing I have ever down.

I have also spent a lifetime solving problems.  Business problems. People problems.  And, of course property problems.

So if you are up for a no obligation, free chat, flick me a line and we can find a space in our worlds where the stars align and we can chat.


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