How to create a life you love?

Do you feel unsatisfied? Unsure?  Not clear on where you are going or why?

Simply, have you thought there just must be something more?


I think we all ask ourselves this at some point in our lives.  Usually, this reflection comes when something bad has happened.  Like losing a job.  Like losing a loved one.  Like missing out or falling short on something important.

It is at these times we are more likely to ponder the meaning of life.  But, how to create a life that you love?

George Bernard Shaw probably summed it up best when he said:

Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

Kerry Swan How to create a life that you love

Identify what really matters

When we lose someone special, it is really easy for us to identify what matters most.  But, what about the other days?  How do we craft a life that we love, when things are going good?

This is where the tough work kicks in.  Recently, I have been challenged to identify my values by a colleague who specialises in leading change.

Now the easy bit is to rattle off veneer thin value statements like ‘I value integrity, hard work and creativity’.  Nice.  But what does that really mean?

The real challenge is to identify what I value by probing my belief system which translates into my day to day actions.


A belief system that says ‘hard work is important’ could translate into compromising health, rest and social connection.

Not that this is wrong or the place to pass judgement; but rather it means a whole lot more when we do the hard work of probing our beliefs.  Beliefs translate into actions.  Actions translate into our realities.

So, if we want to craft a life that we love.  We start by examining our pre-existing beliefs, so that we can identify what we need to create or change to achieve a life that we love.

And, then we can identify what really matters.

Kerry Swan How to create a life that you love

Back yourself

If we are to create a life that we love, we need to get our heads around a fundamental truth.

We are the Captain of our own ship.

Meaning, that if we are waiting for someone to save us or fix us.  Or if we are waiting for the right moment, the right advice, the right relationship; life will probably pass us by.

I am the master of my fate:  I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

Simply put, we need to back ourselves into the race, because no-one else will.  And, a person that knows what they want and how they are going to do it, has a far great chance of creating a life they love.

Kerry Swan How to create a life that you love

Be passionate

If we are to create a life that we love.  Well we are going to have to give a shit.  We need to identify what truly moves us and get passionate about something.

Living our lives through Netflix binge sessions, small town gossip and a series of excuses about ‘why I can’t’ does not make for a life that you love.  It is a life that is fueled by the easy path and the short term trade off.

A passionate, full on life means that you get up in the morning and do the hard stuff, because it matters.  It matters to you.  And, it matters to the world.

Kerry Swan How to create a life that you love

Stay in your own lane

Life will fill you up with diversions, distractions and energy thieves.

When you are working at the highest version of yourself, you do not have enough room, time or energy to explore what happened in the car park at school.

If we are to create a life that we love, we need to stay in our own lane and focus on our journey.  Not the journey of others.

Kerry Swan How to create a life that you love

Hold the vision.  Trust the process.

Truly.  The hardest and scariest part to creating a life that you love, is that the responsibility sits at your feet.

It’s on you.  It’s your choice.  That’s the scary bit.

BUT, the solution.

Craft your vision for your life.  Identify what you stand for.  Identify what you want.  Take action.  And, then trust the universe.

For what is the alternative.  Netflix binging and chocolate?  Or a life well lived?


If you are keen for change, but don’t know where to start, I am always up for a chat.

Living your best life starts the day you make a choice to take the scary, creative, and audacious road.

I have spent a lifetime making choices that take me down the scary road.  It has been bumpy, scary and the best thing I have ever down.

I have also spent a lifetime solving problems.  Business problems. People problems.  And, of course property problems.

So if you are up for a no obligation, free chat, flick me a line and we can find a space in our worlds where the stars align and we can chat.

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