The real truth about leadership kerry swan

The real truth about leading people

Are you leading or managing people and feel like a juggler in the circus?

Or perhaps you feel like, when it comes to your team, that you are the proverbial duck gliding on the water but madly paddling underneath?

Want to know the real truth about leading people?

It’s actually nothing to do with them

It’s all about you.

But, here is the thing. We tend to get what we expect.

Meaning, if we expect that this person is going to be difficult to manage, likely they will be difficult to manage.

Your insecurities are going to be challenged

Or looking at it another way.

Your fears, challenges and choices are going to be exposed when you are a leader.

Meaning, instead of avoiding that tough conversation with your team, leaning into it will be scary (for you) but so important to the growth of you all.

You need to stay out of your head

As a leader of people, we can choose to make a whole bunch of assumptions about what is going on for our team; or we can have a conversation.

Meaning, if we spend too much time in our head in an unregulated way, we will tend to create a series of stories to justify our beliefs.  Stop it.  Have the conversation and find out what is really going on.

It’s going to be scary

Humans are herd animals.

It is wired in our DNA that we want to stick together, because there is safety in our numbers.

And, really, while we all want a bus driver to take us home.  As a leader, our job is to jump on the bus and take our tribe somewhere.

It’s going to be lonely

Yep, at times, it will be incredibly lonely.

Your health matters

The best version of you, helps them be the best version of them.

Investing in your health helps everyone.

And, finally, the real truth, it is all about you

It’s actually nothing to do with them.

Your leadership journey will be more about how you cope and how you are able to manage your fears and insecurities.

Your leadership journey will be more about your health, your resilience and your ability to choose the tough road.

Your leadership journey will be one of the most rewarding games you have ever played.  The real trick is to find the support crew.


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