Leadership in the trenches

Give me a gritty, wounded, leader any day.


I am not interested in the polished, perfect, take no risks model of leadership.


Give me the messed up, made mistakes, didn’t quite get it right leader any day.


Nor am I interested in the stand on the fence and point fingers style of leadership.


Give me the leader prepared to lose it all.


For they have taken their shit seriously, they have been prepared to put themselves out there, to be vulnerable and to be proven wrong.


Because I know that this leader, in the trenches, covered in mud is clear about one thing.


This leader is clear about what drives them.


Their North Star, their ‘why’ might include a better school.  A better business.  A better organisation.  A better community.  A better country.


A leader in the trenches is clear about their ‘why’ and they know that ‘better’ comes with effort.


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