Move. Breath. Exercise.

In any leadership role. Family leadership. Community leadership. Business Leadership. Stress can take it’s toll.

And, there is plenty of evidence around to remind us that stress makes us dumb. It has everything to do with our caveman origins and the fight/flight response that triggers off when we perceive that we are under threat.

But, more about the brain chemicals another day. Simply put, stress makes us dumb because it sends a message to our brain that we are in survival mode.

So rather than creatively solving problems our brain is not-so quietly freaking out. The good news! The best antidote to stress is to move.

Move in any way that suits you. But, put down that computer screen for a bit and get outside and busy.

Stress can eat away at you. You need mechanisms to over come it. Run. Rest. Breathe.’

Mark Bouris 2019



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