365 day streak kerry swan

The 366 day streak

Like you, and many others, I am basking in the glow a new year, a new decade and new possibilities.

Right now it is easy.  Really easy.  To set my intentions for the year.  To carve up time, allocate priorities and detail all the things that I am ‘gunna do’ this year.

But, here is the real challenge.  In my core, my gut, my knowing, I know that in about 5.5 weeks from now something will happen.  Life. Health. Work.  And, all of these well intended resolutions will disappear like fairy dust.

365 day streak kerry swan

And, so this becomes the real challenge for 2020.  How to change my life.  How to ‘be’ that person that I so desire on the 1st of January and how to live my truth.  My life by design.

Around about 20 years ago, I started my first business.  A consulting business which would allow me to work from home and juggle babies and life.  The dream that I sold myself was that a business would provide me FREEDOM + CHOICE for both me and mine.

Fast forward 20 years and I am still self employed and I still continue to chase the elusive FREEDOM + CHOICE that business ‘should’ provide for me.

Perhaps a larger team would be the answer; I thought 15 years ago.

Perhaps teaching would be the answer; I thought 12 years ago.

Perhaps real estate would be the answer; I thought 5 years ago.

Perhaps there is no answer, I thought last year; in a fit of misery and despair.

After 20 years of reflection.  It now seems to me that the answer is actually counter intuitive.

To achieve FREEDOM + CHOICE we actually need to dig into STRUCTURE + DISCIPLINE.

Meaning, to achieve the things we want, we need to commit to them EVERY DAY and even when we don’t want to.

  • Things like exercise.
  • Things like writing.
  • Things like leading.
  • Thing like showing up.
  • This like having the hard conversation, again and again.

So this year my resolutions are simple but bloody hard.

I know who I want to be.  I know how I want to live.

The real challenge is to keep at it for a 366 day streak.

Stick with me.  Hold me accountable.  And, let’s see what difference a year makes.


The 366 day streak Kerry Swan

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