The struggle is real

The struggle is real

So, 37 days into the New Year and how are you going with your resolutions.  How long did the shiny promises last?

For me, I have managed a 37 day exercise streak.  But all the other sparkly bits faded pretty quickly in the reality of life + work + kids.  On one hand, high five to me for the exercise streak and on the other hand, well there are always legitimate excuses.

But the struggle is real.

Reading some of Jordan Peterson’s work reminds me that we live in a duality of order & chaos.

When we strive for perfection through fancy new years resolutions what we are actually attempting to do is to apply some level of control, or order, over our existence.

And, just imagine if we achieved that!

Life would be tidy, organised and…….possibly boring.

So here is the thing.  The challenge.  The juxtaposition.  We actually need a bit of chaos for growth.

Real growth.

Imagine if we just got up and went to the gym.  Everyday.  For the rest of our lives.

Yes.  We would be disciplined and we would certainly get results.

But, imagine the true personal growth that comes with juggling competing priorities and demands on our time.

At some point we will need to pause, to make sense of the chaos and take the lesson.

And, that lesson may just be that we need to prioritise or make ourselves a priority.  But the chaos and conflict produces the lesson that order won’t.

So lean into the order and discipline that a new year resolution creates, but never for a minute believe that chaos and real growth are not just around the corner.  Waiting to move you in new ways.

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