Building your personal leadership muscle

Interesting thing is that we all know how to lose weight.

The theory is quite simple.  Less food in and more energy out, on a consistent basis, will generally translate into a better looking body.

We also know the theory behind getting fit and strengthening our muscles.

Add weight and stretch, on a consistent basis, and our muscles will also generally transform.

But building our leadership muscle is often written off as something ‘they’ are responsible for.

Meaning, leadership is often perceived as something that lucky white males are responsible for and that they have been ‘taught’ to be a leader.

Perhaps, in reality, we are all born leaders (just like we are all born fit, lean and healthy) and that it is actually regular conditioning that we need to grow this particular muscle.

Small acts of personal leadership on a daily basis, will overtime, transform our skills, our lives and the people around us.

So, if our personal leadership muscle grows with daily exercise; what are you doing, today, to build this muscle?

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