Fear of judgement; the new form of procrastination

Fear of judgement; the new form of procrastination

Have you ever had a cracking new idea??

Something that will change the world – or perhaps just your life?

But, stopped yourself short of implementation?

Because you were scared?

Coming from 20 years in project management I have seen all of the excuses for why things don’t start.

And, if they don’t start, they don’t happen.

Interesting concept though. Projects of all shapes and sizes sitting on the shelf.

It’s real easy to find a reason why, but if we are honest it generally boils down to:

Fear of judgement. Judgement from others.

What if, those others were just as scared as you?

And, if we just got on with it, together we would move from procrastination, past judgement and onto something that might look like FREEDOM.

Freedom to try that next thing.

Freedom to be ourselves.

Freedom to make a difference.


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