Kerry Swan is a gamechanger.

Kerry approaches life differently.

As a Project Manager by trade, and a strategic thinker by practice, Kerry is equally comfortable working out the long term, big picture vision AND the small steps that are required to get there.

Kerry’s DNA is influenced by a dynamic mix of frontline experience in small business, corporate consulting, adult education and regional development.

Most importantly, Kerry’s strengths are words, pictures and people.

Kerry thinks and talks visually and she can comfortably paint a picture of the future, draw a map about how to get there and explain a concept in three easy steps.

As a practiced Facilitator of groups and adults, Kerry understands that we are all humans trying our best to make a difference.

A long term fan of positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming and choice theory, Kerry believes that we all need to own our shit and work everyday towards a better version of ourselves.

With scars and scratches from life as a paid Consultant and Project Manager, through to lived experience in small business start up #thuglife, Kerry knows how real life can be.

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